Past Events

Rob Silberstein giving a very interesting presentation on sustainable beer making

June 2019

sustainable Labs Mixer

At DPR in San Francisco, fellow sustainable lab enthusiasts networked and discussed the latest in sustainable lab design, construction, and operation.

Special Guest, Ron Silberstein, Owner & Brewmaster at ThirstyBear provided complimentary beer tastings and gave an interesting presentation on the process of beer making and sustainable practices in their business. ThirstyBear is the first and only brewery in San Francisco to brew certified organic beer and become a certified Green Business!

April 2019

Genentech sustainability Meeting

Genentech pilot plant tour


Sustainable lab practices presented by Kristi Budzinski (Genentech Green Chemistry/BioPharma Program Manager)


Implementing the Roche Directive K6 to eliminate all CFCs HCFCs, and HFCs and other chemicals that are harmful to the environment at Genentech presented by Cassie Waddell (Genentech Principal Engineer) and Mark Kehoe (Affiliated Engineers Project Manager)

I2SL Bay Area Title 24- Lab Exhaust Strategies.pptx

February 2019

Joint Local ASHRAE /I2SL Meeting

Designing Safe and Energy Efficient Laboratory Exhaust Systems under the 2019 California Title 24 Regulations

Presented by Brad Cochran

Greg Muth with presenters Jim Sharpe, Alison Farmer, and Allison Paradise
Alison Farmer presenting on the new I2SL/DOE lab benchmarking tool

November 2018

I2SL Annual Conference recap

Three top Bay Area laboratory leaders shared their presentations from the conference, which was held in Raleigh, North Carolina in October. We learned about the upcoming new I2SL/DOE lab benchmarking tool, the latest in green lab certifications and sustainable procurement, and the mechanical design of an outstanding new, modern laboratory facility. The future of sustainable labs has never looked so great.

September 2018

Hard Hat Lab Tour - Gilead

A hard hat tour of Gilead Sciences, Building NB324. This new 357,000 sf laboratory building, scheduled to open the second quarter of 2019, will include Biology, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK), Drug Safety Evaluation, Medicinal Chemistry, and Structural Chemistry labs. It will also allow Gilead to create a centralized location for research laboratories on its Foster City campus.

May 2018

Kickoff Social- McCarthy Construction

A network event with other professionals interested in the sustainability of research facilities where we heard about all the exciting upcoming events for the rest of the year.

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