Past Events


3-Part Series
Part 1: April 19, 2023

Speaker: Amanda Schultz, Executive Vice President, FBPA

Part 2: May 31, 2023

Speaker: James Woods, Associate Principal, Mazetti

Part 3: Upcoming! Register Here

Speaker: Chris Weyandt, Control Systems Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

This seminar is geared toward emerging professionals already in the field who would like to have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of lab design,  or university students thinking of expanding their opportunities by learning more about the field.

2022 Annual Conference Recap + Social

Top Bay Area laboratory leaders shared their presentations from the national I2SL Conference, which was held in Pittsburgh, PA in October 2022. 

allogene therapeutics tour

I2SL NorCal hosted an exciting all-electric lab tour and panel discussion at Allogene Therapeutics

The event featured simultaneous facility tours and networking with appetizers and drinks, followed by a panel discussion about the sustainable features of the facility.


More About Allogene Therapeutics

Allogene Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T cell (AlloCAR T™) products for cancer. Led by a management team with significant experience in cell therapy, Allogene is developing a pipeline of “off-the-shelf” CAR T cell candidates with the goal of delivering readily available cell therapy on-demand, more reliably, and at greater scale to more patients.

I2SL NorCal: BrinGing smart labs to california

I2SL NorCal hosted a discussion about the Smart Labs process, which optimizes lab safety and regularly achieves whole building energy saving of 20-40%.


VIEW Recording of Presentation 

I2SL NorCal and I2SL New England HOSTED the MiT NANO Center virtual tour & Panel


I2sL Norcal annual conference recap


2020 Virtual I2sL Annual Conference

The International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) hosted its 2020 Annual Conference and Technology Fair Virtually! 

Presentations included lab owners, operators, designers, and engineers discussing the most pressing safety and sustainability topics affecting labs during COVID-19 and in the future. 

ASHRAE and I2SL NorCal Presented: Lab Considerations Through a Pandemic



My Green Lab

Guest speakers from My Green Lab covered the topic of sustainability in scientific research.


Moderator: Jonathan Eisenberg, ARUP

Lisa Churchill, Associate Principal, ARUP

Patrick Daley, Gritstone Oncology

Jim Doughty, CIH, Senior Program Manager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Koray Kaya, Principal Engineer, AlfaTech

Ted Palashis, President, Overbrook Support Services  

Kelley Raasch, CSP, Associate Director of EHS, The Broad Institute

Mary Jo Spector, Director of Research Facilities, Design, Construction, and Maintenance, Florida State University

Wednesday July 8th

Town Hall Webinar 

COVID-19 changed the way laboratories operate, from academic institutions to research and development protocols. To continue this important conversation as labs consider reopening and retooling for the future, the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) hosted its second free town hall on the topic, COVID-19 Challenges and Successes for Designing and Operating Safe and Sustainable Labs.  

A panel of experts from university and pharmaceutical laboratories on the East and West Coast addressed the top questions facing lab owners, operators, engineers, and designers today as we learned to adapt to COVID-19 concerns: 

The I2SL Northern California and New England Chapters co-hosted this town hall with the generous support of local sponsors and in conjunction with the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) and the San Francisco Chapter of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). This town hall is the second in a series of events I2SL provided to discuss lessons learned about safe and sustainable lab stoppage and start-up; watch the first one, Returning to the Operational Laboratory Environment During COVID-19, which is free to the public. 

Cal/OSHA Fumehood Requirements and What Can Be Done About Them

Hosted by: I2SL NorCal / ISPE SF webinar on 

Cal OSHA requires that fumehood face velocity be maintained at 100 feet per minute. While it’s not necessarily true that 100 FPM is any safer than a lower face velocity, it’s also not necessarily true that a lower face velocity saves you energy. This session looked at:

Lab Tour/talk

AstraZeneca’s New Oyster Point Facility

After the tour, guests met in a conference room at AstraZeneca for appetizers, drinks, and networking, followed by a panel of lab experts who spoke about the sustainable strategies they used to build and run AstraZeneca & sustainable practices their companies implement on similar buildings.

Paul Long, Director, Site Operations at AstraZeneca

Sam D'Avanzo, Senior Project Manager, XL Construction

Rob Williamson, Principal & Leader of Science + Technology at HOK

Michael Charney, Principal at Spectrum PMG

MC for Panel: Cynthia Ruby, CEO at Cynthia Ruby and Associates & I2SL NorCal Events Committee Member

Rob Silberstein giving a very interesting presentation on sustainable beer making

sustainable Labs Mixer 

At DPR in San Francisco, fellow sustainable lab enthusiasts networked and discussed the latest in sustainable lab design, construction, and operation.

Special Guest,  Ron Silberstein, Owner & Brewmaster at ThirstyBear provided complimentary beer tastings and gave an interesting presentation on the process of beer making and sustainable practices in their business. ThirstyBear is the first and only brewery in San Francisco to brew certified organic beer and become a certified Green Business!

Genentech sustainability Meeting

The event included a tour of Genentech's pilot plant as well as an overview of sustainable lab practices presented by Kristi Budzinski (Genentech Green Chemistry/BioPharma Program Manager). 

The discussion also included strategies to Implement the Roche Directive K6 to eliminate all CFCs HCFCs, and HFCs and other chemicals that are harmful to the environment at Genentech presented by Cassie Waddell (Genentech Principal Engineer) and Mark Kehoe (Affiliated Engineers Project Manager)

I2SL Bay Area Title 24- Lab Exhaust Strategies.pptx

Joint Local ASHRAE /I2SL Meeting

This meeting covered Designing Safe and Energy Efficient Laboratory Exhaust Systems under the 2019 California Title 24 Regulations, presented by Brad Cochran

Greg Muth with presenters Jim Sharpe, Alison Farmer, and Allison Paradise
Alison Farmer presenting on the new I2SL/DOE lab benchmarking tool

2018 I2SL Annual Conference recap

Three top Bay Area laboratory leaders shared their presentations from the conference, which was held in Raleigh, North Carolina in October. We learned about the upcoming new I2SL/DOE lab benchmarking tool, the latest in green lab certifications and sustainable procurement, and the mechanical design of an outstanding new, modern laboratory facility. The future of sustainable labs has never looked so great.